The Great Old Ones – EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy

The Great Old Ones – EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy (Released January 27, 2017 – Season of Mist)

The works of HP Lovecraft are well dog eared throughout the metal-verse and The Great Old Ones, named for deities in Lovecraft’s works, have cracked the books again to give their own take on the chilling recount of Cthulu. Inspired post-black metal, these French metallers take a step back from emotion in favour of technicality on their third offering, EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy. The drums are placed in the driver’s seat while the guitars blanket over everything in a gauzy wash of tremolos and occasional riffs that, at sudden moments, rise from the mix as bright, but short lived, leads

Searching for R. Olmstead is scene setting as schizophrenic violins squeal overtop a calm, emotionless voice. A Shadow Over Innsmouth begins with a hellish roar and springs forward from the slow opening, delving deep into heart of The Great Old Ones sound; brilliant drum work and a dense wall of tremolos. When the Stars Align is the most straightforward track, and shortest musical track, on the album. Nearly up tempo it crashes forward in an undulating wave of guitar and rolling drums. The Ritual equals The Shadow Over Innsmouth in terms of drum work, opening with nearly a jungle beat it has marching riffs and fades into the second, chilling spoken word segment, Wanderings. In Screams and Flames begins with an infectious combination of compressed guitars and clashing cymbals before transitioning into a contemplative scene where everything slows down to a doomy crawl. Rising from the momentary doom the track closes with a breakneck sprint to the albums only solo which rises from the murk as small beacon of hope before being snuffed out by the slow, ominous, violins of Mare Infinitum. The middle of the Mare Infinitum is nearly dissonant as the drums pull back to allow the guitars to develop a circular picked section which tumbles over and tangles itself. Closing the song and album is a chilling choir which builds from the dissonance overtop a constant churning drum beat before fading into oblivion.

Most notable throughout EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy is the drum work as Léo Isnard puts on a technical clinic without compromising the listenability of the album. Unapologetically dense The Great Old Ones produce an intricate Lovecraftian behemoth. Soaked in dark and brooding atmosphere it roars with a demonic fury and attacks the senses with battering drums and an unending wall of scathing tremolos.

Rating: 9/10


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