Bolt Thrower – Those Once Loyal

Before I review this! Ask yourself these 2 questions!

  1. Do I like headbanging?!
  2. Do I think tanks are cool?!
  3. Do I want to feel like a badass, heading a tank battalion?!
  4. Does counting actually fucking matter?!

If you answered yes to any of the above read on.

This album from beginning to end is a fucking “beat your chest” and “windmill around your current environment”. All the songs sound like the usual Bolt Thrower, which is fucking amazing and exactly what I wanted! Muddy growls, like the guitar tone- which is perfect- match the whole sound of the album. Due to this, the lyrics are hard to understand until you occasionally hear him growl the song’s badass title during the chorus, which is honestly good enough for me. My favorite part of this album like every other Bolt Thrower albums are the riffs. All the riffs drive like a 25 tonne fucking tank! Unstoppable and unrelenting!

I give it fucking epic and destructive as the Battle of Kursk/10. This roughly translates as an 8.5/10. Its my favorite Bolt Thrower album!


– Imperator

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