Mastodon – Emperor of the Sand Take 2

Alright! Take 2 on this fucking album! You have the Face of Eddie’s in depth review of this album but I wanted to give a second albeit shorter view.

This album has appeared to have gotten great results across the board judging from what I have seen and how it is received. I for one feel lied to. I promised a short and sweet review of this album so here goes.

Its Mastodon. Just not the Mastodon many of us love and wish to hear again. I can say that I won’t recommend this album to anyone wanting to get into Mastodon and it screams volumes at me that the best part of the album was when Black Tongue started playing. I was listening to it on iTunes and when that intro started playing I got super into it and was excited for the new album, until I realized that nothing on the new album stood out or even made an impression.

The album is Mastodon, but its forgettable. Its fine if you want more Mastodon to pad your music library with but overall no wow effect, but I wouldn’t say its bad.

Overall I give the album a 6/10.

– Imperator

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