Power Trip – Nightmare Logic

Power Trip – Nightmare Logic (Released February 24, 2017 – Southern Lord Recordings)

Thrash, even thrash done right, can become monotonous. One riff will bleed into the next, each blistering solo begins to feel like a barrage of randomly selected notes, and the drums disappear into the background; relegated to little more than a complicated metronome. Power Trip break from this mire of thrash monotony and produce tracks with a sparkling individuality and ability to engage the listener at any and every moment.

Checking in at a cool 33-minutes, Nightmare Logic is an unrelenting barrage of musical devastation from start the finish. Power Trip flex they riff master muscles as each track transitions from one riff to the next flawlessly, tearing through you without reprieve. Soul Sacrifice rises to the top for its slow burning opening before becoming a mosh inducing riff fest. Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe) is nearly punk in approach as Riley Gale spews forth overtop a chugging bass line and sparse riffs. Forgoing a slow build up Firing Squad immediately jumps down your ear holes with both feet, screaming in and making itself a nice little home to pound on your ear drums. A display of opposites, Waiting Around to Die features a nearly electronic/ambient and bass opening – quite unexpected for a mid-album track – before flying headlong into a wall of riffs. The echo-y spoken section which closes Waiting Around to Die gives no indication of the shear ferocity and power of Ruination as it sprints with palsy inducing chugs and snapping cymbals. Instrument isolation is used to perfection to highlight interesting riffs and provide a short break to create a devastating re-entry. If Not Us Then Who? highlights the usage, playing stop and go overtop an open chug to allow the drums to drive the track to its end. Crucifixation closes the album and proves no filler made its way off the cutting room floor as it leaves you with a little ‘what if’. Although the solos on the rest of the album were definite thrash they rose and faded quickly while the mid-track solo on Crucifixation is decidedly Slayer-like. It spasms about with little regard for sanity and makes you wish the album extended just a little bit further so one more solo like it could be added in.

A definite step forward from their debut, Manifest Decimation, Power Trip have defined themselves as budding riff masters on Nightmare Logic. Overall, Nightmare Logic is an exhilarating ride through an amusement park of destruction, book ended with crackling feedback to provide a sense of beginning and end.

Rating: 7/10


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