Violet Cold – Anomie

Violet Cold – Anomie (Released March 1, 2017 – Independent)

Anomie is a beautiful intertwining of shoegaze and post-black metal. Rising and falling in waves of quiet emotion, Emin Guliyev, Violet Cold’s sole member, weaves a gorgeous tapestry of sound from layers of caressing tremolos and atmospheric synths. Sharp moments rise forth to briefly entertain before settling back into the massive compositions. The drums highlight due to their diversity, changing from electronic beats, such as the expanse of nothingness on Violet Girl, to the rattling blast beats of outhouse recorded black metal on My Journey to Your Space. Each track is an adventure, a story unto itself, composed of little flairs and nuances all held together under a tentative umbrella of post-black metal.

The titular track opens in pure post-black fury, setting the angry stage for the album while also embracing an uplifting major tremolo and synth layer. Lifting the track to the next level is the juxtaposition of the mid song saturated soundscape, populated by flutes and hand drums, with the opening and closing harshness. The four middle tracks shirk any tentative black metal label as they open with a softness of synths or choirs or delayed guitars. She Spoke of Her Devastation is seeped in shoegaze and is built on looping layers of growing sound which rolling drums break apart. The percussion of Lovegaze is fascinating as a crunching and sliding, like gravel being picked up and dropped, makes the beat among crunchy riffs, poppy drums, and looping synths. An emotional female voice enters the album on Lovegaze and provides a lilting foil to Emin’s airy screams. No Escape From Dreamland has an angry buzz about it and rails against an unseen adversary before breaking into the flutes and hand drums which lifted the opening track, creating a symmetry to the album.

A truly masterful composition, Anomie represents a collision of sounds and combination of musical influences as Emin Guliyev continues to cement his place as an innovating and leading member in post-black metal.

Rating: 7/10


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