DragonForce – Reaching into Infinity

DragonForce – Reaching into Infinity (Released May 19, 2017 – Metal Blade Records)

Yes! The newest album from DragonForce! It is everything I wanted! Solos, solos, solossolossolos!!!!! The lyrics provide an overwhelming amount of cheese with happy music! I give this fantastic album 20 so far aways/10!

What can I say its all the DragonForce I wanted, except for the misplaced ballad. All the songs give you a hearty helping of face melting solos of both guitar and hopefully keytar. So fucking buckle up and prepare to be happy!

-Imperator (I’m back bitches)

Full stop, u wot m8?

I don’t think I ordered the triple cheese burger with cheese fries and a CheezWhiz milk shake on the side.


No matter the cheese Herman Li is a wizard of epic proportions. I do not believe that man has fingers. The ballad (oh lordi that was bad, only 5-minutes you gotta be kidding me felt like eternity…) was only there so the wizard could take a break and cool down.

Ugh, I smiled, therefore this album was bad.

Up to Silence, the album ballad, Reaching into Infinity had been, admittedly, a wicked ride of fun; blazing solos, soaring vocals, and just all around enjoyable. Ashes of the Dawn was a breakneck single and Judgement Day was the best song on the album. The breakdown and transition into the keytar solo was pure brilliance. Then Silence marked a turning point, maybe it was just the repetition and maybe it was just that the songs actually became boring but, nothing worked for me on the back half of the album. WAR! was a broken, confused mess, decidedly different riffs mashed together in the attempt to create one song from snippets of four or five. The attempted epic, The Edge of the World, clocking in at a bloated 11-minutes, juked and jived, moving from one phrase to the next with no regard for transition. The harsh vocals (possibly a guest vocalist, not sure) were freaking awesome but did barely enough to tip the dial favourably.

If you have the time and are a massive DForce fan Reaching into Infinity probably has everything you wanted *cough* Imperator *cough*.

Rating: 4/10


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