Nailed to Obscurity – King Delusion

Melodic doom metal from Germany, Nailed to Obscurity offer music for the contemplative on King Delusion.

Seer – Cult of the Void: Vol. III & IV

A two part album fit to crush your body and lift your soul, Seer have found a beautiful balance on Cult of the Void: Vol III & IV.

Abrams – Morning

Morning is sludge metal to soothe the soul. Angular leads, elephant marching riffs, and emotional atmospheres are executed to perfection as Abrams prove they can do it all.

Pallbearer – Heartless

Extremely individual, Pallbearer produce music with rich feeling and powerful instrumentation. There are so many layers to Heartless yet nothing gets smothered under the fuzz. The touch of every note is distinct as all the instruments come through crystal clear [...]

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