Hadal Maw – Olm

Hadal Maw take a stripped back approach to technical death metal on Olm. Everything is angry and percussive, the guitars separate themselves from the bass in the form of sharp, off kilter solos existing from single notes to cascading sweeps.

Code Orange – Forever

Elephantine riffs roll over top beat heavy drums while the vocals fuzz in and out. Relentless from start to finish, Forever is an eclectic album as Code Orange are unafraid to mix in electronica influences.

White Death – White Death

Blazing a new path in the northern sky, White Death embrace the chilling aesthetic of their 90s Norwegian forefathers and mix in a fair helping of fun on their self-titled debut which could crack a smile through even the grimmest of corpse paint [...]

Soen – Lykaia

Growth is hard and change is not for everyone and Soen have decided to begin a change. This change is nothing extreme, they still sound like Soen but, there is something noticeably different this time around [...]

Violet Cold – Anomie

Anomie is a beautiful intertwining of shoegaze and post-black metal. Rising and falling in waves of quiet emotion a gorgeous tapestry of sound is woven from layers of caressing tremolos and atmospheric synths [...]

Bolt Thrower – Those Once Loyal

Before I review this! Ask yourself these 2 questions! Do I like headbanging?! Do I think tanks are cool?! Do I want to feel like a badass, heading a tank battalion?! Does counting actually fucking matter?! If you answered yes to any of the above┬áread on. This album from beginning to end is a fucking... Continue Reading →

Power Trip – Nightmare Logic

Checking in at a cool 33-minutes Nightmare Logic is an unrelenting barrage of musical devastation from start the finish. Power Trip flex they riff master muscles as each track transitions from one riff to the next flawlessly, tearing through you without reprieve [...]

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